28 day rolling period

Is anyone able to clarify the 28 day rolling period used to calculate the £1 payment on auto saves over £100. When does the rolling period start and end? What is it based on?

I don’t get why people find this concept so hard. It’s a 28 period which starts at the first autosave.

When calculating the £100, if the autosave was in the last 28 days it would count against the £100, if it was 29 days ago it would not count.

I understand that so what date did the first auto save start on?

I feel that it would be more useful if the app could indicate how many days into the 28 day rolling period it is.

That would be dependent on individual accounts. You would have had an autosave notification.

But you’re not “in to” the rolling period as it always rolls. So as 1 day drops out the end the new day goes into the start!

Hi all, just to clarify! You can check how close you are to the £100 cap in app, and you’ll never be charged more that £13 a year. If you want to read more about the 28 day period please check here : https://www.getchip.uk/the-sauce/why-were-introducing-a-fee and if you ever want to know where your limit is specifically please jump into Live Chat and the team will help!

Do you mean to say that you think the period would be e.g. 3rd June to 30 June and then 4th June to 1st July?

It can’t be rolling in that sense, otherwise wouldn’t some users pay £1 a lot more than just 13 times a year? e.g. if Chip saves 7 times in a 28-day period, and each save is for £14.30, every 4 days you would be over £100 in the previous 28 days.

I assume the first period of 28 days starts from the first save, then a new period starts from day-1 28 days later.

However, if it is the former and Chip are just capping the charge at £13 per year, a lot more users will pay the £13, I think.

Which of these is correct isn’t explained in the link posted above.

I think ‘rolling’ period should mean the former, but it doesn’t make sense with a maximum £13 per year charge unless there is an artificial cap.

I can see exactly where I am in the £100 limit. I think I am being a bit dim regarding the 28 rolling period. Will it reset to 0 at day 29 after the first save, I think I will just need to monitor it and see how it goes

Perhaps as part of the UI, the relevant autosaves with dates could be shown so people know how close they are to dropping off the period where they are counted?

That is exactly what I was thinking of.

@KrishChip useful feedback.

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This question does not appear to have been answered. The link provided to read to find the answer does not answer the question being asked.

My understanding is,

During a 28 day period if autosaves including payday put aways exceed £100 the £1 fee applies. The 28 days period resets after the 28 days have finished. It is not a rolling 28 days , it’s 13 periods of 28 days, each one having a max £1 fee.

I think the main question you have is

Does the first 28 day period begin on your first autosave or June 3rd.

This is unanswered.

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Exactly :grinning::+1:. This is what I am trying to understand and it has not been answered.

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maybe they are waiting 28 days so the question answers itself…

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Good morning everyone,

Sorry for the delay I just wanted to get this designed properly (my photoshop skills are no longer “Best in Chip” sad times).

Hopefully this infographic makes things super clear - if not lmk. It explains the rolling nature.

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I am sorry for being dim, but when does the 28 days start? I currently have circa £78 saved in this 28 period, how much is left of my current 28 day period?
I can’t believe I am the only one who doesn’t really understand this. Why can’t there just be a number of days left indication?


There is. Go into the profile Tab. Click the standard plan under your name and it shows you there how far into the 28 days you are

This is my screen, tells me in pounds but what about date. When does the 28 day period reset or is it once I reach £100 however long that takes( theN it is not 28 days)

It would seem there is still no real answer to this question, I would assume the 28 rolling day would start either the begining when it was introduced or from your first save. Mine was 6th June, bases on that the end of the 28 day would be 3rd of July if I am correct.