£30 new member offer

I’ve had a letter with a code for a new member to get a £30 bonus.
But no T&C, letter says to look for email with T&C. I’ve had no email, only the £20 offer one.
What are the T&C for the £30 offer.

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Hi Kaf,

The email with the T&Cs will be going out later today, we wanted to wait until everyone received the letter before sending out the email.

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Also received a letter and have shared the code already.
Have a friend who’s just downloaded the app, but says they can’t find an option to input said code.

@Viney If they go profile > rewards they can enter it there.



This is what they’ve sent me . . .

Hi Viney,

This is how your friend should be able to sign up. The image below showcases how a new user should be able to enter the referral code, if they are not a new user they will not be able to see this. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Fred,

As an investor & a customer can I ask that this type of unnecessary communication is reviewed asap. I too got the letter, I immediately thought that it was a waste of money. It was on higher quality paper too! It wouldn’t have been too bad if there was a reference too a web address to type in that took you to a link to forward to a friend. But there wasn’t even that. What is the point of sending me a letter to let me know that you are going to send me an email? Just send me the email & put the money saved on snail mail directly into my account!

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Hi Gary,

No need to stress here, sending out letters is not something we have done before and it is not something we plan to do regularly. We thought it would be a nice, slightly more personal touch. Worth pointing out we have 23,000 investors it’s hard to please them all, some people really liked the letter while others shared a more similar opinion to you, no way to win!

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Some you won’t please at all bud no matter how hard you try….