A Ordinary Shares )Nominee)

Hi, I invested in the A ordinary Shares (nominee) in Feb 2021, and then also the A ordinary Shares in March 2021. The latter investment is showing on Capdesk, but not the February investment. Both are showing on Crowdcube and I have share certificates for both. Will the February round be added to Cap desk?

Hi Carol,

The investment you made in Feb 2021 will be added to Capdesk. The issue with Capdesk is simply a visibility issue, we regularly speak to Capdesk asking for an update on this problem. They are aware that we are not happy with how long this issue has gone on for. Frankly we are furious. They have said it will be fixed in the next 7 days.

Your shares are safe and sound and from our backend we can see all shares, just need Capdesk to update them so all our shareholders can view their correct holdings.

Is it worth just creating a closed post saying about the CapDesk issue and then everyone can see it? Also on the Facebook pages. Keep seeing this being asked about and it must be tedious for you to keep saying the same thing!


Hello FredChip,
I have also inveted in the round of Feb 2021, and asked about information regarding any EIS tax relief on the crowdcube section, but never got any replies from your team, could you give some advice on this matter ?

If you’re referring to the convertible loan note then it was not eligible for EIS

Well, not the convertable itself, but as result of it (earlier conversion), CHIPS had a following up round to topup further to protect from dilution, I was expecting this top up round should have EIS relief. See below - my original question from the crowdcube discussion board


any update on the EIS relief for this latest round ?
Coolcube 6 months ago
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Hello Chip team,
Do you have any update on the EIS relief for this latest round ?

Hey CoolChip, the round of Feb 2021 does not have EIS tax relief.

Rob! This is a good idea thanks, just created a topic, Capdesk is a real thorn in my side! Words can’t describe how angry we are at Capdesk. It really will be resolved soon, they know we are really unhappy with them.


Why don’t Chip use someone else instead of Capdesk? They’ve been nothing but trouble.

Top 10 Alternatives to Capdesk

  • Carta
  • Certent Equity Compensation Management
  • Ledgy
  • Pulley
  • Vestd
  • Shareworks by Morgan Stanley
  • CompTrak
  • Astrella

Hi John,

Thanks for putting some time aside to look into this, really appreciate it. I have sent this list to our business operations manager. We were aware of a few of these companies, for the time being we will stick with Capdesk as we need this issue sorted before we can consider moving.

I know I’ve said it before but I think this issue will be fixed within a week.

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Hi, does anyone know what happened to the convertible round completed Sep/Oct 20? Has it converted and is so, at what price?

Also, I recall that the conversion pays 8% interest but I have never received it.


Hi there,

The convertible round converted this Feb, the share price was £1.117906 for the principle amount and £1.397383 for the interest.

You would have received the interest at the conversion point in shares.

Thanks Fred. What is the current share price as at today (i.e. not the new round)?

Based on the great news of further growth being in the pipeline and the company currently being valued at £106,786,000 could I ask what the growth has been since I invested in September 2020 please?

I will be investing again as I love what the company is doing and their future plans for expansion but would be nice to know how my investment has grown since my original investment in terms of %

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Hi RKerry,

We will be sharing an investment calculator that will showcase your growth since your original investment. A lot more communication on this raise will be coming your way.


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Cheers @FredChip

Look forward to seeing the growth up to this point and what the future holds for Chip’s expansion!