Account verification and chip + 1

hi, i have been submitted all my documents and had an auto saving at least 1 time, then i request to change my bank account, as i am not bother to transfer between accounts then save into chip, contacted chip and they cancelled my linked account and returned my savings into the old bank account, until here, i am happy with chip.

during above period, my account verification status was PENDING for at least 1 week, i then sent multiple message to the live support and i got the same answers, something like, “connect your bank and wait for some time for auto-save then you will get verified”. okay. then i thought this should not be a problem, i will get verified eventually.

then i jump into the Chip + 1 account, and transferred loads of money into the Chip + 1 account. then my account verification status changed to ACCOUNT NOT VERIFIED immediately and the app suggest me to contact live support regarding this, i then chat to support but they have told me exactly the same things" there have yet to be any auto savings according to the backlog".

i have put my money into the Chip + 1 account and after 3 working days, its been processed into the account. but my account is still not verified?

so my question is, how and when will my account get verified?

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Hey Aaron, will look into this for you now - can you please DM me your email and phone number attached to your Chip account?

how to dm you? i clicked your profit and no dm section for me

I’ve just DM’d you - you can reply to that :slight_smile:

sent you dm, but seems no any response.

The return of the money before a bank account change is to stop money laundering.

i do not think that was my story’s point in this case?

Hi @aaronli8907

Niamh here from Product. You are right from what I can gather this is the expected behaviour we are expecting with regards being Verified.

With Chip+1 you would have had to have bank connected and went through that flow.
Since you have now Bank Connected until you have an autosave into this bank account you will remain unverified. At present this does not affect your user experience or impact a user to be pending or unverified. Once you have an autosave confirmed as funded your status will change to verified.


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My account finally got verified today. all sorted

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I have shared my Chip +1 code with my wife who has now saved over £100 but can’t seem to work out why I am stuck on the waiting to unlock message. What do we need to do. She is also saving without accessing the 1.25% interest rate.
Many thanks

Hi Stephen, had you tried messaging one of the team in app about this?

Hi Krish

I couldn’t find the best place to post a question so it ended up where i put it. I found the topics a bit random and sporadic.

Where is the best place to post the issue?

I did check my wife’s app last night and noticed she hadn’t checked the button on autosave to chip+1 or something like that. Hopefully her next autosave will unlock me but will have to wait a week for the next withdrawal.


Stephen Aubrey

Hi Stephen, for specific app help - it’s in app using the Live Chat function - or over email at ‘’ that’ll be the best places to get help, as they’re the only places we can look into specific accounts.