Activity Screen (Bug?)

Hey guys, I just wanted to flag a potential bug(?). On my activity screen, the right-hand column which i think should be showing a running balance is consistently wrong. I first noticed this when I cancelled a save and this didn’t seem to be reflected in the running balance totals. I’ve attached a photo. You can see that the right hand column shows a higher figure than the actual balance.

I have the same issue too. I have reported the problem a few weeks ago to the team and got a reply stating they are aware of the bug in the system and are working on it but the problem is still not been rectified

Thanks for letting me know Durgz - Good to know both that, I’m not the only one and that it’s being worked on.

I have this issue too, they have been ‘working on it’ for nearly a year now by my estimation and mine at least is still not fixed.