Advert for Plum

So I’ve just seen an advert on Channel 4 for Plum. 5pm on Sunday so probably reasonable viewing figures.

When will Chip start advertising it’s services to build a user base?

I saw that too, was quite a long advert.

I just thought it was interesting that’s they’re looking to become a bit more mainstream. The seemed to make a play of being free, so I wondered if they were looking to hoover up Chip customers put off my the autosave fee.

Has Chip been pipped to the post here?

I was reading their page today, they do have paid services for pro etc for investment

They do have a pro offering but crucially the autosave is always free and you’d have to actively opt in to the pro services, you couldn’t just end up in the charging bracket by being too good at saving!

I was more interested in the advert though, shouldn’t Chip be doing similar?

I hear that, yes they did make it clear that to autosave is free.

I thought by now they would have. But I guess it’s down to funding adverts where chip have worked off the premises of word of mouth. And I guess that’s done them well this far


But will word of mouth be good enough if competitors are starting to advertise?

Your correct. Word of mouth will slow down. Seems plums timing is perfect as unfortunately most people are at home due to this pandemic and are looking for ways to save.

I saw plums adverts too up here in north East of Scotland

Hi all thanks for flagging! Interest insight here from you all which we’ll discuss internally when it comes to Marketing spend and budget distribution!

On top of the television adverts, when you search Chip on the Play Store, Ads mean that Plum and Moneybox show up above Chip.