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Inspired by a comment over on another thread, I thought I’d create a topic for all the gamers among us.

So, what are you playing now, and what are you looking forward to most?

For me, I’m still playing Breath Of The Wild on Switch. Just completed the DLC and got the awesome motorbike, so now I’m hunting the last few Hinoxs and mopping up some more Koroks.

As for what I’m looking forward to, it’s got to be the Link’s Awakening remake and the Ni No Kuni Switch port!


My kind of topic!

Right now I’m flicking between F1 2019 and Madden 20, but once the NMS Beyond update arrived it’s going to be tough to stay away from that. Also looking forward to Grid arriving, used to love those games and as a bit of a Codemasters fanboy I’m pretty excited for that to land…

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Still addicted to Overwatch - its seems to be the only thing I play despite the ridiculously slow release of updates.
Very excited for Planet Zoo though - spent a lifetime on Zoo Tycoon as a kid so completely psyched!

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I’ve just discovered Destiny 2 and I’m working my way through the hordes.
Looking forward to Borderlands 3 in September.


I loved Destiny 2 & Overwatch so much, but unfortunately I’m without an Xbox or PS4 at the moment so can’t play either of them! :cry:

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F1 2019 for me at the moment too. Loving career mode!

@Iain Is NMS worth getting now? It got a LOT of heat launch and I’ve kept away ever since…

As for me, I split my time between indie PC games and my Xbox, depending on mood - currently knee-deep in the Witcher 3, picked it up on sale a few months ago. Incredible game, ridiculously big and so immersive. Very much my kind of game!

As for PC spent a bit of time on Book of Demons lately, fun little homage to Diablo, with a nice little cards mechanic for powers/spells. Picked up Crusader Kings from humble bundle last month so will give that a go next. Looking forward very much to Baldur’s Gate 3 but no release date for that yet…


@ChipperBen Very much so, there’s been a few big free updates now and it’s probably dirt cheap. I’ve put nearly 100 hours in and barely scratched the surface, awesome game.

@Iain cheers, might have to have a look at this!

Now just need to find some time to actually play all these games I’ve got outstanding… !

Having worked for TT Games in the past, I have to say any LEGO games right now haha!


As a reviewer I’ve played loads of the Lego games, most of my platinum trophies are from those thanks to my 6 year old!

Dayz or Squad or if in a driving mood Dirt rally
Always looking for teams in Squad

Playing Stardew Valley on Xbox, Elder Scrolls Online on pc and eagerly awaiting Watchdogs Legion, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and, most of all…Cyberpunk 2077 :sunglasses:

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@ChipperBen Oh man! Did you get game of the year edition Witcher 3? I’ve loved it! Just started the blood and wine extension, it’s beautiful


It was Destiny 2, then it was Apex Legends but now I’m entrenched in The Division 2.

But I’m really just waiting for Final Fantasy 7 remake to be honest… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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So I’m an avid gamer! I spend an unhealthy amount of my free time both studying and playing it. And inbetween trying to read up on trends and the news for it!
It’s my football… as I don’t really attend mainstream premiership football all that much.

Which is strange, because I’m actually an active eSports caster … specifically working on blizzard entertainments Heroes of the Storm!
If anyone plays that game… or is willing to start, please let me know and I can put you in touch with all the best people! And we have a tournament with some cash prizes open for the month of October if you want to get practicing!

This is my Wiki page


So I LOVE Heroes Of The Storm; I’m a complete Blizzard fangirl! Haven’t played it in a good while due to not having a suitable PC, but might have to see if I can get it running on my work laptop…

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So i have a reasonable relationship with Blizzard, and i can assure you Heroes of the Storm is alive and kicking. I was recently sent to Paris to cast a LAN event where the best teams in europe competed. And with the new Nexus hero being released this last week, the game is still going from strength to strength.

There is some new big blizzard franchise heavy hitters coming to the Nexus soon! I’m so glad to hear there is love for blizzard in your office!

I’m so glad to hear that! I’ve not really watched any of the tournaments since Heroes Of The Dorm years ago, but one of the local London gaming bars shows all the London Spitfire OWL matches and I need to get along to one of those at some point!

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