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If that bar is called Meltdown… i know the one!
The i brought a group down there one time and we took over and watched the HGC games that were on and hung out for something like 16 hours! It was a great day out! Although, trying to competently play HotS after a few hours of drinking proved difficult haha.

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Great to see a fellow Switch player! I’m having a complete Zelda revival at the moment in anticipation for the eventual release of the Breath of the Wild sequel. I’ve tasked myself with playing through every mainline game I’ve got my hands on to get me super hyped! Just finished a play through of Ocarina of Time Master Quest last night on the Gamecube and dove straight into playing Majora’s Mask (also on Gamecube).

Next on my list are Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess HD, Link’s Awakening on Switch (assuming it takes me 38 days to play through these others!) and then I’ve got some of the DS games to keep me busy and I have a Master Mode save for BotW that I need to finish. Far too many games than my life can handle really!

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Any Warcraft 3 fan out in space?! :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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I was a hardcore World Of Warcraft player for about 6 years! But only played maybe half of the campaign of Warcraft 3. I might have to remedy that when the remaster comes out!

@Reades yea got it for about a tenner, absolute bargain given the amount of content!

@Northernwizard not played any HOTS, although a friend is a fan. To be honest not been into Blizzard much since the Warcraft 3/Starcraft/Diablo 2 (incredible games!) eras - the shift in mechanics with Diablo 3 made me lose interest as I’m not much of an online fan - can see why they did it from a business model though.

@tdootson LOVED Warcraft 3, although confession time, never did complete the final mission as the Elves - couldn’t manage to juggle 3 bases against the undead hordes!

Totally understand. I did play and complete Diablo 3… but i was left feeling like the Hack N Slash era has been and gone. I’m not certain it has a place in the hearts of hardcore gamers anymore…

That being said. Warcraft 3, especially Frozen throne… had such a compelling story that i YEARN and pine for more. I mean i found myself a bit bored by starcraft 2’s gameplay… but the story was soo exciting that i kept playing. I’m hoping that Warcraft 4 is able to do the same.

Alternatively, if they can find a new format to present. Platformer etc… i mean, i’m sure we are all open to experiment.

Were any of you aware of the Starcraft ghost game which was almost released for PS2 that then ended up in the bin in 2003 just at the dawn of Vanilla WoW’s release?

Blizzard are willing to sacrifice huge sums of money in favour of quality. Good on them!

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I’m still rocking it on my Mac, great for a little game of strategy…

Maybe you can get a LAN party going in the office @sarahchip

@ChipperBen You will have to go back and resolve this!

So @Tom_Chip has been throwing about the idea of an Age Of Empires LAN party, which I am entirely here for.

I think I learnt more about history from those games than school! :rofl:


@sarahchip AoE would be awesome! I have only one thing to say:


@Northernwizard yea I felt the same after D3, the story just didn’t feel as good. D1/D2, Starcraft 1 and Warcraft were superbly written. The cutscenes were also astoundingly good and really stood out at the time. I mentioned Book of Demons earlier which is a great homage to D1 - mind you I’m not a hardcore gamer by any means anymore, life gets in the way!

Not so sure on that last statement though, after they announced the Diablo mobile game :wink:

Overwatch nut :v:

Moira & Pharah main (originally one trick Mercy before her many, many nerfs…:cry:)

“woo loo loooooo” is still one of the most terrifying noises to hear in that game… it spelt doom for your strongest forces!


This is happening! I was waiting for the office to stop being ludicrously hot, though the sweatier it is, the more closely it’ll resemble the LAN parties of my youth.

@ChipperBen The new NMS update arrived today, considering every update has been free, this is a huge addition again…

I did the exact same thing and got Witcher 3 off the sale and Crusader Kings from humble bundle. (sly diversion but how good does the Witcher netflix series look)

interested to know people’s opinion on Google Stadia

Reading this thread is making me wistful. I used to an avid gamer but then I met my now husband and he’s not interested in gaming, plus all our hardware is IOS/Mac based. I used to have a dual boot Mac but the current one isn’t partitioned. To be honest it sits in the spare room lonely and rarely used, only seeing the flick of an occasional duster these days :grimacing:

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the more technology advances, the less technology you need to play games.

@JasonChip raised a point about thing called “google Stadia” the whole concept behind that is to stop people constantly needing to upgrade the desktop computer hardware they have. Let google do it at thier end and you just “stream” the game from them.

I’m still on the fence about the whole idea because i LOVE … repeat LOVE, being part of the PC Master race and enjoying my super duper setup that i use for streaming.

I don’t go to live football events, i dont spend all night in the pub at the weekends… so what’s my hobby? Besides praying for Chip to become a the next UK Unicorn… it’s spending money on computer games or working on my computer. esports and streaming… It’s the harmless, and worldwide community filled positive environment for all to enjoy!

When i started playing WoW, i was about 17 maybe?.. and within a year i had become very close friends with people in Iceland, Sweden and Finland… and they all came to visit me in Scotland.
We went for a drink (obviously we were all over 18 by this time)… and people at nearby tables were in awe of our multinational presence…

and it was all thanks to late night PC gaming.

I actually do have a network of friends across the world thanks to online gaming, we still keep in touch through a closed group on FB. Strangely enough one is from my hometown, we grew up alongside one another but didn’t know the other existed. We’ve since met up as she doesn’t live that far from my parents. Hoping to catch up again soon on my next visit to them.

My daughter and her fiancé are huge online gamers (taught her well), they have every console known to man and have a gaming room in their house. When she was younger I let her play GTA (dreadful parenting) it had a PG setting at the time, not sure if it still does. She plays a lot of vintage games. Like you, it’s their hobby.

I’m using an iPad Pro at the moment but haven’t investigated how conducive that is for online gaming.