Announcing our first luxury experience prize

Hi all,

I’m glad to announce the first luxury experience prize for the Prize Savings Account, as well as our new highest ever prize pool - launching TODAY for August’s draw!

This month, we’ve partnered with Mr & Mrs Smith, a world-renowned brand specialising in luxury stays in incredible destinations around the world. As part of the brand new prize pool, including the Grand Prize of £10,000, there will also be a £5,000 Gift Card with Mr & Mrs Smith.

The gift card is your exclusive pass to a range of carefully curated luxury stays, with personalised guidance from a travel expert from Mr & Mrs Smith, using their expertise to help you build your dream holiday.

Chip is about building your long term wealth, making it effortless so that you have time for the finer things in life. ‘Travel’ and ‘holiday’ are amongst the most common goals that the Chip community save towards - and we want to fast-track one user’s goals next month, with the Prize Savings Account.

In addition to this, we’ve increased our prize pool again - so this month will feature a prize pool worth a total of £75,000, giving you more prizes than ever before to win.

To enter this draw, all you have to do is meet the usual criteria: hold an average balance of at least £100 in the Prize Savings Account, for the month of August. We’ll get in touch with the winner within 5 working days of the draw taking place, and put you in touch with our partners at Mr & Mrs Smith, so that you can achieve your ideal trip. Please find the full terms here.

Our first luxury experience prize diversifies the pool with another way to reward you for building your wealth.

Remember, T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply, and you need a minimum average balance of £100 to enter the Prize Savings Account draw (which runs instead of the account paying interest). You can check out current prize values, entry/eligibility criteria and how to opt out here.


Thanks Nik

I might put in £100 and give it a go

If I win, you can come too :grin:

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Worth noting one “catch” if you win the voucher and want to stay overseas:

Are flights and travel included?

Mr & Mrs Smith specialise in accommodation booking only, so you would have to make your own travel arrangements. Please note that domestic stays within the UK are possible for those who may not want to travel overseas.

To be fair, I’m terrified of airplanes. Domestic works great - fancy coming to Pontins? :grin: :rofl: