App Bug - Interest Area Activity Tab

Morning Guys,

I’ve come across a bug this morning nothing major but needs review. When I click on the interest link on the activity tab, it seems to open the next page three times. Picture attached you will see two arrows on the left side on the picture, then to get back where you would press the arrow once you have to pressure three times.


How come you’re on 8%?

I wondered that too - must have a lot of pliable friends…

Another one for @liamchip!

Thanks for spotting this - could you let us know which device you’re using and what iOS version please? @adamchip @JackChip have either of you seen this before?

Hey @Masquerade31. Thanks for reporting this. I’ve found the culprit and it’s addressed in the imminent release.

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Sorry wasn’t ignoring you, it appears all my messages were being thrown in the junk mail. Combination of friends and investment bonuses.