App not working android


It would seem yet again the app is not allowing me to log in, this is the second time this month. Get an email for an automatic save try to log in use fingerprint it just hangs on the chip logo loading screen.

This is unlike chip. What’s going on?

Same here hasnt worked for me since friday ???

Same here, an update from Chip would be good.

My android down to maybe an idea to employee a team that monitors this over weekends rather than an ever growing management team

Yes agreed some communication as it’s fine for the automatic save to be taken but 8 could not cancel it.

Checking the Google Play Store app I saw the Chip update released on 15th Nov (v2.6) installed on my device yesterday which was when the app stopped logging in. I assume that’s probably the cause. I uninstalled the app and installed it again, clicked ‘Sign In’ using the same mobile number I used originally and after entering the pin they sent via text everything is working great again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok I will try that too and let ya all know.

All is working again. Thank for this. What a shame that nobody from chip made any contact over the weekend. Very disappointing especially when money was removed from my account and I was unable to cancel. Not impressed

It looks like it might be caused by a bug with the ‘Secure Login’ as when I turned that on in the settings (with pin and fingerprint login enabled) the app didn’t login after authentication. I’ve reinstalled again and I’ll keep an eye on it but closing the app and logging in again seems to work fine with that off.

Yeah definitely seems to be caused by that - enable pin and then can’t login.

Definitely seem to agree with you here… as I haven’t enabled my Secure Login and it works successfully… @Chip please fix though!!! :slight_smile:

Morning all! If you’re affected by this, can you please let us know what device you’re using, what version of Android and what version of Chip you’re on, and if you’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

I’ll also give @tommy_chip & @SamyChip a nudge to take a look at this!

Thanks @sarahchip -
Samsung A50,
One UI Version: 1.1,
Android 9.
November Security Patch.
Chip 2.6 (20237).

Have reinstalled. Doing some further testing. Tried without putting fingerprint functionality on, and it doesn’t work with the passcode first and foremost.

Google pixel 3 xl
Android 10
Chip 2.6

Mine works but my pin nor my passcode works

Hi @nick2425,

Thank you for reporting this. Can you confirm if you have your phones developer options enabled with Animations disabled?

We’re just looking at this at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Right about now I I am feeling ignored considering I was the person who started the post but nobody from the chip team @sarahchip @tommy_chip have bothered to ask me or reply to me directly.

This is really a poor service I am recieving

Thanks chip

Samsung S10
Android 9
Chip 2.6

Did a reinstall on P20 pro now working

Noticed the issue this morning, uninstall/reinstall and everything working again.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Android 9
Chip 2.6

Sorry to hear that @Natty80. When we have multiple reports of a bug, we need details from everyone experiencing that issue so that we can replicate it and fix it, hence my reply was aimed at everyone in this thread.

Can you (and everyone else with the issue who hasn’t tried already) please uninstall and reinstall the app? It’s fixing the issue in some cases. :slight_smile: