App not working android

The issue is with secure login, I tried uninstalling the app and re installing the app and that granted me access, but as soon as I turn secure login on I get the screen that I posted in first post?

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Ah yes, I did have developer options enabled in the Android Settings app. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by Animations disabled, is that a Settings app option or an option in the Chip app?
I’ve switch Developer options off but the defect persists.
Nokia 7 Plus
Android 9
Chip 2.6

Animations are part of the developer options.

Are you getting just a blank green screen or is the app hanging on the animations/logo?

If it’s the former, please download the latest update from the Google Play store. If it’s the latter, we’re looking into this now (Also FAO @Natty80 :slight_smile: )

I get the following screen… i have developer options on, but makes no difference. It does not have an animations option for me. There are Reduce or Remove Animations in my settings but they are off.

This is the issue we’re currently looking into. :slight_smile:

You might want to try reinstalling the app in the meantime!

Already reinstalled loads of times no change.

Thanks for trying!

So one of our devs is pretty sure he’s fixed the issue and the update should be up on the Play store in the next few hours!

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Mine is working but can’t use any pins or fingerprint qccess?

Yep, that’s the current bug, but the fix should be up in the Play store in the next few hours.

Hi All,

We got to the underlying problem with the fingerprint scanning and secure logon.

We’ve pushed a release to the Play store and it should be there very shortly.

Thank you

Thank you for this update.

Thanks Tommy, just downloaded now works :slight_smile:

Update received and all is back to normal

Thank you

Hi All,

One further note, if you are encountering problems still, it may mean that your Play store does not have the latest version of the app.

On the profile section of the app, you will see a Chip Version and the build number:

The installed app version with the fix to the above should read:

Chip Version 2.6 (20238)

If not it will require you hard uninstalling the app and re-downloading from the play store.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


It was just the green screen. Downloaded the latest verison from Google Play and it’s working perfect again - as normal. Thanks to @tommy_chip and the team for pushing out a quick fix. :+1: