App not working since the update this morning

Anyone else having issues after the update this morning?

It doesn’t go further than the opening splash screen for me now

Also I did use the update briefly and can’t see how the new feature for the inter account transfers works?

Same here. Stuck on the Splash screen

Same for me. Will sit it out for a while yet, but if no joy, probably uninstall and download again

Works for me.
Ver 4.18.0 (22830) on Android
No further updates pending.

Is working for me on iPhone
Version 4.19.0

It’s working now cheers. Can’t see the new updated transfer feature though……

I can’t either but I only have one account (Chip+1) so perhaps that’s why in my case.

Neither can I. I’ve looked everywhere that seems likely.

Can’t find it anywhere, I suspect it’s not actually live.

Anyone else find the new Invest tab total ‘Up £x.xx (y%) in total’ to be inaccurate or at least hard to work out its calculated? It doesn’t seem to be purely a sum of all fund performance?

Got this from someone at Chip:

the release notes have now been updated as this is due to go live shortly but not necessarily in the latest release. When the initial release notes were done this was due to go live at the time, hence the confusion. Apologies!