App not working

I have never had a problem with chip before however when I went to check my app today it just wouldn not open popping up an error message could not load try again
I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled and I’m having the same issue.
Can you rectify this please

Hi Jess,

Our developers are on the case - the issue should be resolved within the next hour or so! I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Hi Donald@chip , any update as the apps still not working? I would of thought that the release would have been tested before being sent out.

Still not working 6 hours later, this really isn’t acceptable.

There could be any number of reasons why it’s not working, some of which might need a lot of work to fix.

To say it’s unacceptable when we know nothing about the problem, the effort involved in diagnosis and fixing it is a bit rich, in my opinion and doesn’t help at all.

I used to work on a service desk (for RBS, so had our share of these sort of issues) - everyone involved will know how serious it is and will be doing everything they can. Moaning about things not working yet serves no purpose and just annoys staff. Leave them to sort the fix, trust that they’re the experts in the matter and aren’t sat twiddling their thumbs and laughing maniacally at their customer base.


It would be nice to have an update though. Donald said he hoped it would be up within the hour four hours ago.

I need to know ASAP if I can access some of my money or whether I need to find funds from elsewhere today.

Things go wrong, but keeping customers updated every hour or so wouldn’t go amiss.

Ben, I work in tech for a bank, and whilst I don’t doubt that this is being worked on very hard the lack of communication is what is unacceptable. The status page doesn’t work (which appears to be unrelated to this current issue) and all we have heard from the team is “we’re working on it, it’ll be an hour” four hours ago.

What’s the point of having this forum if not to communicate with the userbase? If the app will be unavailable for 24 hours, I could accept that just fine, but only if we are actually told that!

Even just a one line message on would do the job, but there’s nothing. It’s not good enough and you know it.

So, when things go wrong in your bank, do customers get informed straight away? Be honest. In my experience there’s an initial response (which was given)and updates when there’s something worthwhile to say. That’s from RBS, who had massively more resources than Chip have.
My guess is, Chip have everyone they can working on this so don’t really want to dedicate people to update a forum.

It’s not great that the app is down but I’d rather it got fixed, than constant updates to say “we’re working on it, we don’t know how long it’ll be down for” which will just lead to more confusion.

If the issue was a complete and total loss of all service, you’d better believe there would be regular updates!

This isn’t just an inability to use a function or two, it is a complete failure! Imagine how some users who might have less confidence in fintechs like Chip might see this?

For the few minutes out of an hour making a regular update would take (and by one of the non tech staff, so not taking away from dev resource), I would say it is a no brainer.


The problem is though, Ben, that the last update I’ve seen is that they hoped to get service back ‘within the hour’ - that was four hours ago.

A further update saying ‘The issue is more complex than first thought and we’d advise users that a fix may not be available today, but we will update if that changes’, for example, isn’t beyond the wit of man.

Hi guys,

I do sincerely apologise for my lack of earlier response - the CS team have been trying to answer customer queries across the apps boards. I know that our developers are currently working like crazy to get the issue resolved as quickly as they can - I’m unable to give an ETA at this time, but will notify you guys once the issue has been resolved. I really apologise that I gave the aforementioned timeline for resolution - what was thought to be a quick fix unfortunately turned out not to be so quick! We’re doing everything that we can to get the app working again for you all, so please bear with us.

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Every time I try to access my chip app today, it says 'something went wrong, try again. I’ve rebooted my phone. Updated the app. Still the same. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Still no joy.

Hi Dee, there’s been a few posts on this - looks like all hands on deck trying to sort it but no joy yet. I’m hoping we can get back in this afternoon! Keep an eye out for updates on the forum and try the app every 20 mins or so is my advice :slight_smile:

Hello all

It would seem since doing the latest Android update I am unable to access my chip account. Keeps coming up try again while using fingerprint access?

Anyone else having a similar issue?


Me too, I get "Something went wrong TRY AGAIN.

Same problem here!!!

Our dev team are on the case as a matter of priority; we’ll have everything back up and running ASAP!

Absolutely the same problem. Tried a restart and clear cache but same error message. Hope you get it sorted soon…

I’ve just merged some threads into this one, but so no one misses @Donald-Chip’s update here…


Thank you for update on this matter.

I’m glad that people are working on this.
Although this is inconvenient we need to remember that things like this happen with apps.

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