App Preview - Dark Mode

This morning I received the email to try Chip in Dark Mode :+1:t2: :sunglasses: whoop whoop
My biggest disappointment is that ones iPhone has to be in Dark Mode for the app to be in Dark Mode; [unless I’m missing something] it’s not just a toggle option from within the app (which is what I was expecting) . . .
I’m not a big fan of the iPhone Dark Mode (I don’t think emails display properly) so don’t tend to have it on . . .
Was there a technical limitation as to why it wasn’t just a toggle option from within the app?

(Also as a P.S. the AutoSave notifications are only set to one decimal point, not two - more just a niggle than anything).

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Could’nt agree more. I don’t want my entire phone in dark mode, just the colour scheme of this app. Seems like half a job to not implement it as an app specific option. Disappointing!

We may be able to implement a switch within the app on a future version. @SamyChip, could this be considered?

Hi @BigRed & @Viney ,

I’m an iOS Developer at Chip. There’s no technical reason why we couldn’t introduce a toggle within the app however the OS actually gives us a shortcut for users to switch between Light/Dark interfaces if you use the Control Centre display, which is actually quicker than navigating to a settings panel within the application.

To access the Control Centre:

  • Swipe down from the top right of your phone (Face ID devices)
  • Swipe from the bottom of your phone on iPhones with fingerprint scanners (Touch ID devices)

This can be added to your control centre by:
SettingsControl CentreCustomise Controls & Select “Dark Mode” option

This is how it looks; it’s the one in the bottom left.

Thanks @JackChip; but I think you’re missing the point . . .

What you’re saying is, if I choose to have my iPhone NOT in Dark Mode, but want to have Chip in Dark Mode, I have to switch Dark Mode on & off through iOS every time I use the app . . ?

Whereas if the Toggle option was within the app, once it’s on, it’s on; this would save users such as myself and @BigRed having to complete that pointless process and eliminates the issue.

(N.B. Dark Mode on iOS can also be shortcut-accessed by long-pressing the brightness slider).

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Nail on the head!!!