APP will NOT open


Your app has suddenly decided that it will not open, stating that I need to check my network connection, which is insane as my connection is just fine, I even uninstalled the app, downloaded it again and reinstalled it yet it Still said check your network connection!
I have not altered Any of my phones settings so what is going on please?


Lawrence Williams

Hello support. App failed to open earlier this evening then started to work again however I myself am now also getting the same error message so obviously a system issue ( dare I say…again !! )

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As much as I dislike someone else having problems, I Am somewhat glad that I am not the only one, if you get my meaning

No issue with an app having “down time,” nearly every company has then.

What I do have an issue with is the abysmal communication from Chip during such a downtime. No tweets, no emails, no communication - with an issue that is clearly affecting many users, as you can tell from Twitter.

Chip must apologise for lack of communication, set up a way of alerting customers to downtime, or I’m out.

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I even msg’d them on twitter and not even had a reply

Finally, some communication.

If you want to be a trusted financial institution, you need to do much better here.

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Hey all, on Friday night we did indeed have an issue with the app that caused it to be down for a few hours. Apologies for the issue. The problem has been fixed and the root cause resolved.

I’m still having the same problem. Can’t open app -the load page just hangs.

App is broken this morning will not load red banner pops up ‘Cancelled’ I’ve deleted and reinstalled but same issue ios 2.10.

Same issue here! Can’t access my Chip app, just says “cancelled” on both my iPad and iPhone

Just to let everyone know that our developers are looking into the iOS issue as we speak and hope to fix this soon. Rest assured that your Chip account has not been cancelled, your money is safe and sound & you should be able to get back into the app in a few hours time!

— Chip (@Get_Chip) March 13, 2020

I’m really sorry that you have been experiencing issues this morning - there looks to be a slight issue regarding entry to the app with our iOS version. Our developers are looking into this immediately and hope to fix this issue soon. Rest assured that your Chip account has not been cancelled and you should be able to get back into the app in a few hours time :slight_smile: