Apple event - September 10th

So, what are we expecting/hoping for from Apple’s event tomorrow?

I must admit, I moved fully over to Android not long ago, so the new iPhones are going to have to be incredible to tempt me away from a Google Pixel when my contract’s due up in February!

Google Pixel with 3 years free unlimited uploads to Photos blows apple and it’s “your cloud is already full, pay us money” mantra out the water and when you upgrade Pixel in 3 years… Another 3 years free unlimited uploads. Plus the camera is cracking.

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The camera is what’s sold me on the Pixel! And the price of the cheaper model, too, cut I don’t need all the bells and whistles.

I want to love something other than IOS but I fear I’m indoctrinated to the cult of Apple as I’ve been in it for many years. I lured my husband away from Android and now all our tech is Apple. My friend is always messing up with her Android phone and asks me to fix it and I have to google a solution :flushed: