Auto Save Advance Notification

I know Chips a “set and forget” which I love but as I’m still keeping an eye on it since still new to me I was wondering if there any plans to put a “Next Autosave” date on the app so I’d know when it was going to take money out rather than the current same day one we get.

I think it would be useful as there have been times when I’d have rather altered the amount or cancelled that autosave due to budgeting but as some days at work I can’t access my app I’ve no choice but to let it go through as it’s well after 3pm when I do get onto the app.

It’s minor but still a useful feature for future use?

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Hey Donald, thanks for this post! We’re constantly working on and improving the app, and a lot of the changes come from suggestions that our community request. So I’ll pass this along to the relevant teams, to flag it :slight_smile: