Automatic saves halted?

So I thought to myself earlier today that I should check my chip account as I’ve not seen a notification from the app for a while. When logging into the app today, it hasn’t made an auto save since 27th April (24 days ago) when usually it would automatically save at the least every 2 weeks. Is there something that I am missing or has the Auto Save feature broken? Initially I thought it was just the notifications, however I’ve not received an email either like I normally would. Is there something up or do I need to update anything in my account to resolve this issue?


Have you checked that you don’t need to re-authenticate your bank account with chip?

You can check this from the Profile tab in the app. Failing that it might be worth using the ‘live chat’ in the chip app

I wonder if that was it. I’ve re-authenticated now. Maybe now it will start to auto save once again.


Hi there!

If you pop into live chat we can double check everything is set up correctly :slight_smile: