Autosave Allocations into ISA


I now see you can autosave into investments in the ISA which is brilliant. But now I’ve set one up I was wondering why you can’t split the autosave between the investments rather than having to just put it into one investment?



Thanks for update
I would prefer if there was an option to allocate a percentage per fund and savings account…
Will carry on just manually paying into my ISA this tax year and maybe start from next tax year doing Autosaves


Yes I agree a percentage allocation across all accounts would be useful

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Not just useful, I’d say pretty fundamental. It ought to work like the goals allocation % splits - although I suspect the engineering effort involved in executing this is not insignificant! Great that this feature is now live though, how did you discover it, there was no app update!?

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I just went to have a look :eyes: and saw it active

I thought it was going to be around now after the last Q & A as it was said it would be in a couple of weeks from then

Nice detective work, they need to hire you as a full time beta tester!

Do your balances next to the selectable accounts match the balances under the accounts tab? Mine don’t! (Also poorly formatted with no currency symbol and no icons for E-Wallet or Chip+1)

Yes they do.

There’s an update out this morning actually so if
You haven’t already then worth doing

I defo would also like % auto save feature for the whole Isa account so it does not Unbalanced my current levels and Manual investment in long run will be too time Consuming.

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Do you mind if I ask you both how your chosen investments are doing? Generally. No specifics obviously :blush: I know it’s a long term thing, best to look over 5 years but haven’t set it up yet and curious. I see my (paltry) pension pot going mostly up and sometimes down in the course of a year so expect investments go along those lines?

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I’m 3.82% up overall. I’m invested in all available funds. A couple of the high risk ones fluctuate a lot but all the others have been in positive growth this whole time

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3% up here. It’s been higher, but Omicron has hit the markets. It will recover :crossed_fingers:

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OK, interesting…Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Only 1.12% up was higher but covid hit it again. Also waiting for more investment areas to come online.

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3.42% now. Need to remember that’s in just 4.5 months… So ~9% annual rate. Sweet.

Nice. And inflation beating if the 9% comes off!

I think it is a modest return over the time period, but to add some context I manage my own ISA via Hargreaves Lansdown and my 12 month increase is sat at just over 15%. I guess this might become possible as access to more funds on chip become available.

I also have a LISA which although the limit is £4000 of investment a year, because the government gives you 25% free ie up to £1000 it means you are already 25% up before investment return. Are there any plans for Chip to include a Lisa in its portfolio?

Is that monthly investments or a lump sum invested earlier? You’re going to say both, aren’t you :laughing:

Lump sums although now the auto save is available into investments I’ve setup a payday put away to go into it the last day of every month…

Starting with the higher risk ones

Interesting, thanks :+1: I’m edging ever closer to some investments!
By time I sort it inflation will probably mess it all up :joy: