Autosave notification

Having turned off autosave at the beginning of September, I had completely forgot about it, and thought that the app had stopped working!

It would be good to get some form of notification / increased visibility so that users are more aware that autosave is turned off. A banner / message on the Home screen would be best, because thats the first thing you see when opening the app. E.g


@liamchip; this could be useful!

Great shout Burg. Like most things in the app, we are working on solutions for this. When you say you’ve turned auto save off, do you mean you’ve paused your account?

I’ll run a few solutions past you all shortly :slight_smile:

Hi, yeah so I went to settings and turned “pause” on.

Once you’ve done that, most people wont want to turn it back on for a month, until they’ve been paid again, by which point a guess a lot of people will have forgotten (myself included)!

I think you could either:

  1. display a message on the home screen
  2. send a periodic notification to the user, reminding them that autosaves have been paused; and/or
  3. set the pause function to have an expiration e.g pause for 1 month / pause until DD/MM/YYYY

Yep - so the third option is what has been designed. I think the notification option could work well alongside it too though, thanks for the input!

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