Autosaves to Chip+1 in 2021?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans to allow autosave to Chip+1 and other interest-earning accounts in Chip? Or at the very least allow transfers from the autosave account to an interest-earning account? I love the autosave feature and it’s the feature that really brought me to Chip in the first place, but now I have to do a lot of manual moving of money to make sure my money is working for me. I’m sure behind the scenes it’s a tricky problem to solve, but having just read the investor update, this feature doesn’t seem to be on the road map so just curious if anyone has heard more about this?

Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing what else you guys release in 2021!

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Hey Myles!

Good news… you can already :slight_smile: If you make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and head to the bottom of the home tab. Far left is auto-save allocation and let’s you chose where the money goes.

Hope that helps!


What about autosave to the HTB one though bud? Especially now with the limit being £85k. I’d think the majority of account holders would want to autosave to that…

That’s something we’re looking into. To be honest only a small cohort of our customers have access to HTB and we’re not allowed to open it to new customers - so in terms of previous dev time it doesn’t really make sense to prioritise it over investments.


Yes that makes sense of course

Ignore my previous comment :crazy_face::joy:

Ah Alex, that’s great! I’ve never noticed that. Thanks for sharing.

I realised I’ve actually filled out the amount I can get interest on the Chip+1 account, so was hoping for the HTB but what you’ve said about HTB above makes sense.

It sounds like other investment accounts are on the way, so I’ll wait for them and now I know I can allocate autosave there.

Thanks again!

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