Autosaves when overdrawn

Hi Chip people. Last month two saves were made after I’d gone into my overdraft. I was able to cancel one but the other had gone out before I noticed. I reported it via live chat and was told the developers were aware of this bug and it would be resolved in a day or two. This month, it’s happened again. My settings are correct and my bank account (NatWest) and card are connected.

I’ve just used the online chat and was told it would be fixed soon but have had to pause my account while it’s investigated. Apparently it’s an error resulting from the wrong settings being applied or an incorrect/old balance being read.

Would be great to be updated when it is resolved so I can unpause my account - I won’t be able to tell once I get paid! :face_with_monocle:


I’ve had the same issue, three times, and again today. It needs to get fixed…

Same issue. Happens everytime I’m in my overdraft.

Good to hear they’ve worked out what the issue is, hope a fix is on the way soon. These last 2 months i’ve had to fight Chip at the end of the month rather than let it do its thing.

Morning all! A number of save bugs were fixed in the last sprint but I’ve asked for an update on these two in particular.

This still hasn’t been corrected and defaults to £1800 even after one changes it to a different amount.

I have this issue too, apart from the default figure for me is £200.

Hi both! I’m just looking into this now. Can you please let me know if you’re both bank and card connected and if you’ve spoken to the live chat team about the issue?

Hi Sarah.

Yes I’m both bank and card connected and, yes, I raised this with live chat months ago.


I’ve had the same issue, raised with the live chat team some time ago and was assured it’s being looked at. Any news on when there might be a fix?

Yes, both.

Raised with live chat 4 days ago.


Thanks all, I’m just chasing this up now

So I’ve just merged a thread about the minimum bank balance setting into this one, as the two are possibly linked.

These two features will stop working if your bank connection drops, or if we’re not able to refresh that connection. So, if you’re experiencing issues then the first thing to do will be to check with live chat so we can take a look at your account, but we are still investigating this further.

However, HSBC have recently implemented a new verification system which means that you can no longer connect your HSBC account to Chip (You can read more about that here: Bank connection notification MEGATHREAD )

It’s also looking like RBS and Natwest have done something similar (again, without telling us. Thanks, guys! :upside_down_face: ), so if you’re with either of those banks, you may be moved onto just card saves as Chip won’t be able to ‘see’ your account properly.

We’re currently investigating to verify all this, however, so I’ll feed back when we’ve found out more.

Is there any chance if this ever being fixed?

I feel like all the useful features of Chip have gone. I have to manually turn off my account when I become overdrawn. My bonus level has gone down to 1% from 5% and can’t be changed. And now I can’t even cancel a save, apparently - another issue supposedly being looked into, but I’ve had no updates or explanation.

I’ve stopped recommending Chip, can’t find a good reason to. :neutral_face:

Hey @KitCat, what bank are you with and do you have the latest version of Chip installed?

I’m with NatWest and yes my app is up to date.

I’ve not had this issue happen to me as yet, (I don’t have an Overdraft, so the option to still save when being in an overdraft is out of the question for me) but I’ve got the Minimum Balance set, so I’m hoping that it does not go below this amount with this bug???

I don’t have any bonuses, but only been with you again since early November. This is the second time, as I did close my account, due to Chip not being able to support more than one bank account, albeit, I think this might be down to SaltEdge?