Badge Notifications - TestFlight App

Hi guys,

I’m currently running the latest TestFlight version of the app and not receiving app notifications.


Me too, Chip took an auto save today and I wasn’t notified so couldn’t cancel it in time. First I knew about it was when Monzo notified me that the money had left my account. :unamused:

I think I might pause autosaves until this is resolved.

@faye, are you on the iOS TestFlight too?

Paging @adamchip !

Yep dark mode TestFlight

Morning @sarahchip

I’ve just realised as well, I’ve had two autosaves come through, despite my bank balance being below the Minimum Balance that I set; a bug that I have raised before and with the help of @SamyChip a few weeks ago appeared to be squashed . . .

Ok, so the notification issue is just with TestFlight, if you switch back to the main App Store version, your notifications will be back.

As for the minimum balance issue, @Viney, I’ll chase this up with @SamyChip