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My bank connection dropped recently and I was only notified about this in the app. I don’t open the app frequently and people who are just using the autosavings feature may like to not open the app for a while and be pleasantly surprised about the amount they have saved.

Is there currently an email notification of the bank connection dropping? I don’t think I am opted in to marketing so if it is classed as a marketing email (I don’t think it should be but…) then that may be why I didn’t get an email notification.

If there is not currently an email notification, I think it would be worth emailing people 7 days before their bank connection drops. You could also possibly send a text message.

This could all be optional as part of a settings screen in the app since some people may not want to be contacted outside of the app.

Just my thoughts,


Hi Ben,

Really appreciate the feedback on this, you are making an entirely fair point. We do send emails about bank connection drops, but only to those who have opted in to marketing. This is far from ideal and we are looking into getting this changed as soon as possible.

You should have got an in app message about your bank being dropped, did you receive this. I know that this is not the point. The point being a lot of people want to use the app in a way that they don’t need to open it. We are looking into a preference centre where are users decide on what kind of emails they want to receive. Thanks for bringing this up Ben, you are always on it!

Hi @FredChip, I got the in-app notification.


Hi Fred

I was recently told by Irma from Chip that you simply don’t do notifications of bank connection dropping and that the connection only lasts for 90 days.

I’m with Ben here, I don’t log in every week, but want to know something important like my bank is no longer connected.


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Hey Julia,

Irma with a shout out on the community, she’s great! In terms of bank connection drops we currently have a notification which gets sent out when you open the app. I hear what you and Ben are saying, I am now aware for those who use Chip so it can silently put money away for you, this is not ideal! I will speak to our head of email marketing and push notifications to see what we can do to change this.

Appreciate your input on this Julia!