Bonus deflated to zero?!

When I first signed up I accrued a bonus amount.
On the app, once I uploaded the new update, this has now been adjusted to 0% bonus?!
Can anyone advise? I’m considering moving to an app which can offer a better rate if this is not solved.

Hi @prisebero! So your bonus % lasts for a year, so it may be that yours has dropped off if you’ve had your account for a year.

However, if it’s not been a year, let me know and I can look into this for you. :slight_smile:

Even with 0% bonus I find Chip a compelling proposition. It helps me save money that otherwise I probably would have spent on silly things. I just let it accrue within Chip to a certain amount, and then shift it into a savings account.


When is the bonus rate going to be shown again on the Android app? This gives transparency to savers and saves app time answering these questions.

Hi @lazypiggy, this will be coming in our new Activity page which is finished on Android. I think we’ll be looking at pushing it live in the next week or so!

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So after one year customers receive zero bonus? Surely I misunderstand?

Hi @Shaun, by default Chip is at 0% bonus. When you refer a friend successfully, you get 1% bonus for 12 months, up to 5%. However this referral bonus scheme ended in June, as we’re in the process of transitioning to full FSCS-protected accounts, but any bonus on accounts before June 30 will run out their 12 months as normal. :slight_smile:

I have a few people interested in signing up for Chip, what incentives, if any, are offered at the moment?

We don’t have a referral scheme at the moment, but something new is coming soon!

Guys take a look at Zeux they will give you 5% on your cash savings, time to move that :moneybag:

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Does anyone use Dozens for investing? I read they have a 5%.

They have 5% bonds, so not ideal if you’re just starting out with saving.

As Sarah mentions it’s bonds, your better off with Zeux 5% easy access savings, interest calculated and added daily to balance.

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Haha, Zeux honestly confuses the heck out of me. :rofl:

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Yep, I’ve opened with Zeux, looks good!


Also took me a while to get comfortable with Zeux, but have been using for over 2 weeks now and pretty happy with their 5% account.

Had some questions and their support was super quick to get back to me. I am a fan for sure!

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I’ve just looked at Zeux as well. Referral code 1RJVKD if anyone wants the £40 credit at 5% interest

What if someone never refers any friends, what incentive is there to stay with Chip if the bonus stays at 0%?

For today, every friend you refer you will receive £5.00. If you refer three friends today then we will double that amount so instead of £15, you would receive £30.

@liamchip not sure that really answers my question since you still want me Chip Savers to invite friends.