Bonus still at 5%?

So I’ve just been paid what I thought would be my last 5% bonus… but the app is still showing 5% and a next payout date in three months?

What’s going on?? Serious bug? Or I’m actually due more interest?

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I’ll have it. :grinning:

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I think bonus is NIL for everyone after 30 June… but don’t know now.

I think, as @anj has stated, the bonus scheme ended on 30th June, although there will be opportunities to earn bonus in the future.

The app needs updating to remove the bonus I believe.

Was the £47.58 what you have just received? I calculate that to already be due that after (I guess) one day of a new period would require over £300,000 saved.


Mine was showing 3% bonus for six months after it ended until I pointed it out a couple of weeks ago. Very annoying.

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