By Wednesday its not the bank holiday any more

I’ve been trying to deposit (all of £25) into my easy access account since Friday. Fair enough do some maintenance over the bank Holiday weekend, but by today it sounds silly! If you’re not going to make deposits available, at least update your message please


Same for me with my interest account…

Hi both, sorry about this! It’s been flagged to the team and it’s an issue that’s being worked on - will post with any updates. Appreciate your patience!


I’ve got the same problem but as is often the case, you can’t get a straight and honest answer. The banner says bank holiday maintenance. The reply on complaining about it says they are “experiencing an issue with the provider”. It really doesn’t bode well but is even worse when they won’t say what the problem really is. I don’t feel both answers are correct and why haven’t we been informed? Status makes out everything’s working fine, but its obviously not.

Hi all. The response I got from live chat to this issue is that they’ve reached the amount of funds they can deposit with the provider and can’t accept any more currently. Would have been better to have that as the message rather than the bank holiday note that’s there at the moment.


Agreed. I’ve been trying to deposit for a few days now, the message needs updating if not going to be available just looks like a massive bug at the moment by still saying bank holiday and very confusing CX.

I got this message earlier, tried again and it’s fixed now.

Hi all, this should all be fixed now! Please do DM Live Chat and let me know if you’re still having problems :slight_smile:

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