Can I reopen a Chip+1 Account?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I first got Chip +1 a few months ago but at the time decided it wasn’t for me (I closed the account with Chip) as I still had access to an instant access account with Al Rayan that was at the time paying 1.15%. That interest rate fell to 1.02% not so long ago, and with easy access rates falling everywhere I’m expecting that to drop further. Thus, I may come back in the near future.

Is it possible for me to sign up again using a referral code (I used MSE21 before) and still get access to all the Chip features? The 1.25% up to 10k is pretty much unbeatable at the moment. I understand the offer is for new customers, so I’m guessing if I signed up with the same (or a different) referral, I’d be excluded from the 1.25%?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Using MSE21 again should work.