Cannot open the App

I’m asked to connect my bank account. It is the Co-operativebank which I know isn’t fully supported by Chip but has been functioning fine until now. I cannot access my savings at all as the app is showing a list of banks that I am not with. How do I access my savings please? I’ve left many messages via email and the website over the last week but no reply.

Hey there, please do shoot us a message on Live Chat or on ‘’ and we’ll get this sorted for you :slight_smile:

Also, let me know your name and i’ll chase up on the situation for you!

I can’t access the app to open the chat bot. My name is Teri Potter. My email to has not received a reply (screenshot attached)

Thank you Krish, as you can see I have no way to access my money and appear to be unable to discuss this with anybody. I really need some help.


Teri Potter