Capdesk not showing all Chip funds

Hello, I’ve recently been looking at my Capdesk portal and I’ve noticed my most recent round of investment through Crowdcube has not been accepted into Capdesk yet. I contacted them directly who stated the below:

The securities reflected in your portfolio are inputed by the issuing company, Chip Financial. From my end, I cannot see any pending securities for you to accept in your account. If there are any discrepancies or if you have any questions regarding what is reflected in Capdesk, I kindly recommend that you reach out to the issuing company directly, as they will be best suited to provide you more information.

Is it correct to say that Chip has not yet setup the latest securities to be presented in Capdesk? For reference the latest ones visible in Capdesk for me were from March 2022 but none of my November 2022 purchases are visible.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks.

November’s 2022 crowdfund was a convertible loan round and CHIP hasn’t actioned the convert to shares yet. Not sure when this has to be done


Many thanks Smashdurant.

I realise I’ve made a simple error. I could see a line on my dashboard for a previous convertible I’d purchased and so wasn’t sure why this latest one wasn’t showing. But it looks as though the one on display is for reference as I now see that it was converted in 2021 when I dig a little deeper into the data.

Thanks for clearing things up for me.