Card Declined when making manual deposits

Currently experiencing issues with manual deposits into my chip account.

I am presented with a toast notification informing me that my card has been declined. I’ve spoken to customer support and I’m told this is being worked on currently, but there’s no tracked bug so here it is.

Repro Steps :

  1. Sign in
  2. Press Manual Save
  3. ‘Card Declined’ Toast is presented and deposit is not made.

I should add I’m a Starling Customer and have already confirmed this is not a bank level issue.

I get a notification that Chip couldn’t charge my card for automatic deposits. Have spoken to the team a received the same message - that their developers are working on it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!!

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Hi - apologies for this. It’s an issue with our payment provider that is effecting a few users. But, just to confirm nothing is wrong with your card/bank and we are hoping the issue will be solved as soon as possible.