Cashing out my investment from croudcube

Hi can someone clear up how is it possible to or when it’s possible to take my investment out

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Typically you would need to wait until Chip goes through an IPO or gets acquired. Lack of liquidity is one of the primary risks of investing in startups.

However you may be able to sell early via Crowdcube’s Cubex platform, which launched earlier this year:


“May” being the main word here……

And only if Chip decide to allow it. It was muted for some of the early investors to be able to do it but time will tell…

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Apologies if this is elsewhere on the forum but has there been any movement on the share value or is it still £1.41?

That is unclear, I think the price of shares in the last investment round was around £1.40 but is only a notional value and not what the shares may be worth on the open market. It is likely that if you could sell them, they may be worth less than this.

Remember you need to hold the shares for at least 3 years otherwise you will have to repay any income tax savings made which under EIS was 30% of your investment.

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Just hoping Chip is the next Freetrade :moneybag::unicorn::moneybag:


Chip are not allowing CubeX trading which is a shame. Peoples circumstances change much like the company direction can as well so in a sense of fairness it should be allowed,

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An update on why Chip UK will not allow investors to participate in CubeX would be appreciated.

I would like to donate any free funds I can release to Ukraine.

Chip are in the process of selling further shares in an upcoming funding round. I believe they can’t offer a trading facility while that is taking place.

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As far as I know, it is not Chip’s responsibility to offer an informal platform on which to trade its shares, though they may have no objection if a third party such as Capdesk offers such a service. As everyone must surely know, when you invest in an early-stage start-up it is part and parcel of the risk/reward equation that you may be unable to trade out until such time as the Company is either bought or is publicly listed.