Change address?

How do you do this as there’s no option for it in the chat?

You have to actually chat to the support and they’ll do it. As you could be anyone. If you’ve nicked a phone for example. So they will probably ask for identification of it. Eg new driving licence

I can’t chat to support as none of the options relate to personal details unless I just go with something completely unrelated but there should be “other” or some other option.

Yeah I see your point. @FredChip this needs addressing

Email them. That will then get sorted.

I’ve just done that but you should be able to just do it yourself in the app.

Edit: All sorted via email now :+1:

I agree, the app is very basic.
I don’t think I have even informed them of my change of address because :
a.) I couldn’t find how to do it.
b.) There is no real reason for them to know it anyway.

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I agree it probably isn’t important but it’s on the statements they produce and maybe it’s used for security.

Pretty sure it’s used for anti money laundering purposes……

My banks were more than happy for me to update address changes in their own app or on the website.
Chip is poor in this respect, Ive not changed my identity, just where I live!