Change Bank Card

I can find no way of changing my linked bank card - its expired and there seems to be no mechanism to update it to make instant saves

@mikew if you go into chip chat and ask they will disconnect your card and you should be able to connect a new one in app​:credit_card::money_with_wings: It is fairly straight forward, my mum did it the other day :mrs_claus:They are open Mon to Fri.

If you need anytging else just drop @sarahchip or @Tom_Chip a message :iphone::fax:

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That’s right! Just pop onto livechat and we’ll get that sorted for you!

We are working on bringing it into the app so you can do it yourself, too. :smiley:

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Hi, sorry if I’m being thick but where is the live chat in the app? I don’t seem to have that option!
I also need to update an expired card. Thank you
UPDATE: I’m being thick Haha, found it now :slight_smile:


Shame it still hasn’t been brought to the app over 1.5 years later.

Have just discovered my bank card needs updating in the app and am very surprised to learn I need to go through live chat (which doesn’t operate on the weekend, so I’ll need to wait until tomorrow). It’s the sort of thing I would expect would be self service since that’s the case with pretty much every other service I have a debit or credit card attached to.