Change to open banking next week

Got the email yesterday telling me to be ready for switching to open banking…

I’m worried i’m going to lose Chip next week which will be a real shame - before i found Chip i was going to use Plum, they use open banking but because of limitation of the ‘system’ if you have more than one bank account it doesnt work !!

Is this going to happen with Chip next week ? I have multiple Barclays accounts via my online log in, if open banking cannot differentiate (according to Plum), is it going to fail next week ?

Hopefully this is a scenario you’ve tested and are happy works


Hey @boostedjeepuk

Thanks for the message. That sounds interesting - could you help us with a bit more information so we can make sure it all works?

Do you mind emailing and we’d love to ask a couple of questions to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.



Hi Alex - thanks for responding - i will email Corinna.


Hi what was the outcome from this I have a few barclays accounts? I’ve played safe and Just added one my spending money account.