Change your life in 4 weeks

Hey all!

As you might’ve noticed we’re currently running a different style of content on our Instagram and wanted to get you all involved with the fun too.

First things first, let’s take about how to change your life in four week…

Comment below on what Goals you’re currently working towards!


3-6 months of a cash buffer to pay all your bills in an emergency. I think it’s the best place to start. Although after clearing credit card debt first. I use the snowball method. Def works


Buying a new build which needs furniture and flooring in 6 months. Then wedding in 2 years.
Chip helping me continually save.

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I am really struggling to set a goal. I am saving, because everyone tell me that is what I should be doing, but I am just not sure what I am saving for. How will I know when I am done. I don’t have a holiday or a car or anything I want to buy on the horizon. I have good habits, I don’t spend on unnecessary things, I have cut out the expensive coffee’s and keep my grocery shopping to the simple things which has enabled me to put a few quid away, I am left living the life of a broke person, all the time my savings are racking up like never before, but I don’t know why I am doing it to myself! When can I stop saving and start spending?

You have identified a couple of reasons for saving (car, holiday). A few more possible reasons might be:

  • for retirement
  • for unexpected expense (your fridge, washing machine, car, etc breaks unexpectedly and needs replacing)
  • for a house deposit
  • to manage regular yearly expenses (e.g. save some money each month towards paying your car insurance once a year)
  • for a new baby
  • for home improvements (new kitchen, bathroom, etc)

There are probably other reasons but if you’re totally sorted then spend away!


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