Changing bank account


I would like to change the bank and card connected to chip. I have already taken savings out as I have just completed my saving goal for Christmas -YAY.

There just doesn’t appear to be an easy way to disconnect of delete the account in app. - and then set up a new one!

On a side note, when will there be an ability to connect more than one account to chip?


Hi @Dolgoth!

If you contact the livechat team they can get the linked account changed for you.

Due to money laundering regulations we have to do this manually at the moment, but will be quick and easy. :slight_smile:

So sounds like the system to disconnect accounts are down. If they deleted my account and started over would I lose all profile related info? (Like chipx investor queue position)

You’d need to ask the livechat team that; I’m not 100% sure I’m afraid!

Cool, Emma sorting me out right now :grin:

Hi! Just a follow up for yourself (and anyone reading this who would have this issue :smile:)

We are currently experiencing a slight delay in our bank connection processing systems, but should be able to amend this for you in live chat now :slight_smile:

With regards to investor codes this does not matter, as your code would act as a queue jump - so it would push you to to front of the ChipX queue if you were 20th or 200,000th!


Hi everyone,I changed my debit card,I spoke with an operator and is reset my account but when I trying to put my new card is no working is say “something went wrong” and my savings from my old account is still there :roll_eyes:i not withdrawing the savings,i hope my savings is not lost… thanks

Hey @Marian, that s exactly what happened to me!

Just persist with the live chat. They were great in sorting it. It wasn’t a quick fix though . I think it took two days to finally resolve. in fact, I think they had to delete my chip account and create a new one.

In hindsight I do wonder if it was because my bank was still showing the last saving as pending (even though it had already gone and been withdrawn).

Again, just persevere with the live chat. They were very helpful.

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Thanks @Dolgoth is till the same issue,I can’t speak live chat by the app because for the first time i have to register to new account bit is still no working to put my new card and I’m not received the money from previous account yet…

Hi Marian

I’m having exactly the same issue. Chip’s customer service is not good and I am anxious that my previous balance has disappeared.

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I sent second time an email,still same problem… :unamused: