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I’m in the process of changing my bank account and using a switching service, but I’m getting conflicting information from the Chip website and chat (when they respond!), the website says I’ll need to close the account and start again from the new account but does say if switching then it will work automatically. The response I got from the chat was super helpful and told me I could make the change in the App which obviously I can’t. The change is likely to take place in the next couple of days and I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t withdraw money because my linked account has been closed. Does anyone know what the procedure is?

Hey Ellen, it’s the Live Chat team who’ll have the most up to date info for you on this - so whatever they’ve told you in app is good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info but the ‘live’ chat team told me I could make the change in the App and I can’t.

You have to do the following via live chat

How do I change my linked bank account? :bulb:

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What we’ll need to do is end the connection to your current bank. Because of money laundering regulations, we will also have to send back any money you have saved to that bank account. You’ll then be able to link up another account. In order to change your linked bank account, please pop into live chat and we’ll sort it out for you

Only savings in the ‘Chip - Instant Access’ account need to be returned to the linked bank account. Anything in the HTB or Chip +1 account can remain in situ. I did this a few weeks ago myself when using the switching service.

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Thank you. Chip have also now confirmed that by email. I just wish they would give a consistent message rather than confusing people with different information.