Channel Island banks

Good afternoon Chip

In the most recent MailChip, it’s noted that the bank has to be connected to be able to withdraw cash. Since HSBC ringfenced it’s Channel Island operations from the main HSBC Plc, including adding a new log in portal, I haven’t been able to connect to my bank (TrueLayer/Chip takes me directly to the UK log in page for HSBC, which does not work for CI customers). I raised a help requested in app a few months ago and it was noted there wasn’t much I could do - I didn’t think of it too much as the auto saves weren’t taking me close to overdraft and were saving an amount I was happy with anyway.

So I’m in the position now where I can’t withdraw if I need to, and I don’t want to stop saving - any tips for me?



Hiya @davidsclare,

Sorry to hear that, however I’m sure @KrishChip or @harryfchip can help with this!



Thanks Jack,

I also feel quite responsible as I’ve been banging the Chip drum to a lot of CI friends to join too, so they’ll be in the same boat (and I wouldn’t want them seeking blood from me!)

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Hi @davidsclare,

No need to panic - your funds will always be available with the correct procedure in place :slight_smile:

Please drop me an email at and I will personally assist you with this, and help figure out the processes required for any friends you may have invited to use the app.