Chat not working

I am trying to solve an issue using the live chat but it is not working. Is this happening to someone else and when can we expect a resolution? I have an urgent query. is the support email address.


Hey @luciamonita, I hope this was fixed? Let me know if it’s not - Alex

I never knew you could do live chat. Could you please help me a little please as I have only been on here ten minutes. Can you actually get an app for this i lnow you can get the chip app I have that but I doing this on web browser thanks in advance

The reference to “live chat” is a reference to the facility in the app to contact Chip - how “live” it is will depend on how busy they are, I guess - I haven’t used it much but haven’t had an immediate response before. It’s more like a direct message facility rather than the system some companies have where you get immediately allocated to an adviser.

Live chat is accessed via the “Profile” tab towards the bottom of the page.

The other main support method is the email address.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Lisa, so like Ben mentioned the ‘Live Chat’ is the method of contacting one of the customer service team through the Chip phone app. You can also email us on ‘’ :slight_smile: