Check out our CMO as a 30 under 30!

So this is something our CMO and co-founder @actlatham would probs never shout about in the Forum, but i’d be remiss in my duty as Social and Community lead if I didn’t flag it…

4 years into the mad adventure of Alex and Simon setting sail on the Chip adventure, and just shy of his 30th birthday - it’s brilliant to see our CMO make the Forbes 30 under 30 list!

Not only is this great for him, ahah - but it also puts the company’s name in the same space as loads of other incredible companies and ventures! A really exciting time for Chip, and 2021 is only going to see more growth!

Alex Latham, cofounder and CMO of AI-powered personal finance app Chip, was weeks away from running out of funding when he launched one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in the U.K., with more than 7,000 investors. To date, the company has raised 22 million euros via crowdfunding and angel investing and is on track to bring in 4 million euros in revenue this year.