Chip+1 and Goals

Bit of background: I currently have my saves split between three goals in my instant access account and I use the HTB as an emergency fund.

I’ve just unlocked Chip+1 and I’m very pleased with the interest rate on this, but I wonder if there are plans to introduce goals to this account? To me the goals function is one of the things that makes chip so useful. I’m very good at putting money away for a specific thing then halfway though the year forgetting what that money was for originally and putting it towards something else. So to have the ability to split money off between different short term and long term goals and give it a name is just what I need.

But from what I can tell the goals that you set are only within the original Chip instant access account. With this being a 0% interest account I don’t really want to use it for my long term saving goals, especially when I have access to 1.25% interest. In an ideal world I would like to be able to choose which account my goals are linked to or set separate goals for each account. So my question is, will these new accounts have the goal setting functionality in the near future?


Hi Faye,

So there are 2 parts to this to answer!

  1. Good news is that once you’ve set up a goal then any money deposited into your Chip instant access or your Chip+1 easy access account will contribute towards that goal :slight_smile:

  2. With regards to your second part around picking and choosing which account is linked to each goal, is exactly what we plan to do. It’s on our roadmap to be done, but work hasn’t yet started so I won’t be able to give a timeline on when this will be released.

You’ll be first to hear when it does though!


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exactly the issue I’ve reported also @faye. Goals can not see all the money, and worse can’t see ‘old’ money if you move it. As you say a key feature no longer works for many now, including investors here since the beginning watching their more significant goals nearing completion :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for your reply @liamchip , although I’m having some difficulty with the first part of your answer and hope you can clarify.

I withdrew all money from my chip account and set chip+1 account as the default. Just to be on the safe side I deleted my goals too so I had a fresh start. Now that I have deposited my funds back into my chip+1 account if I try to make a new goal the top corner of the screen says my available balance is 0.00. So it doesn’t seem that money in my chip+1 account counts towards my goals at all, only my original chip instant access which is now empty.

@liamchip can i get an update on the issue i highlighted in regards to your response please :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Faye, will flag this for Liam today :slight_smile: