Chip+1 authentication deposit problem

When trying to deposit I’m asked to authenticate the transaction in my banking app but when I return to Chip it refreshes the transaction so you’re stuck in a loop.

This has been raised elsewhere, so I know you’re aware of the problem what’s the timeline on a fix?

Users will just give up trying, extremely frustrating.


This appears to be an Android / Santander issue, I don’t know if other banks are affected? I certainly have been unable to deposit money for a week now in the +1 account…

I’m with NatWest so not just Santander.

It may be an android and or bank issue but I don’t think either will care that it’s affecting chip.

We’ve got reason to stick with it, other users won’t

This is addressed by NiamhChip elsewhere. It is indeed an Android issue, I think perhaps last night’s update on Google Play may have fixed it.

It is also an IOS problem - I’m stuck with the same issue on iPhone and HSBC

Is your HSBC app open at the same time as you try it? Just asking as I’ve noticed my Lloyds 3D Secure sometimes doesn’t trigger if the app is open in the background when I try a manual save with Chip

I’ve tried both and same issue. The 3D secure shows as authenticated so I don’t think it’s the banks side. I’m not getting anywhere with the chip team to resolve unfortunately.