Chip+1 is here! Your VIP pass is live. Share it now

All Chip savers have been given a VIP pass to jump the queue and unlock Chip+1.

Before we begin, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Chip (3.10) for iOS or Android.

1. Open Chip. Tap “Earn 1.25%” in the top left.

You’ll find a few other prompts around the app too.

2. Share your VIP passcode with a friend and invite them to Chip.

You can share your code with as many people as you like, but only the first person to enter it can use it.

They need to be new to Chip (they can’t be an existing Chip saver) and they need to enter their VIP passcode in the first week of signing up.*

3. Your friend signs up to Chip and enters your VIP passcode.

After they enter it and make their first save, you both get access to Chip+1 and can deposit and auto-save into the market’s leading easy-access account earning 1.25% returns.


Hello, I’ve been invited and have a code, but it’s not clear where to enter it? When I click on the Earn 1.25% there is only an option to share a code, not to enter an existing one? :thinking:

Hey Sara, have you been able to shoot the team a message through Live Chat on the app so they can talk you through this, having looked at your profile?

I think it is not exactly the finest example of good banking customer relations if the only way I can access Chip+1 is if I can encourage someone else to do so. Seemingly, being a good customer counts for nothing.