Chip 4.0 Update

Hallelujah the Chipbot has gone :raised_hands:

Great update guys :clap:

Just not sure about the monthly savings performance opening up a different page?


Looks good. Profile page is good. Iโ€™ve not got my head around the monthly pie charts yet.

A shame goals is still useless. Doesnโ€™t work with Chip +1 or allow you to withdraw from a single goal.
Seriously, what is the point of this feature?


I agree, I quite liked the savings breakdown integrated as it was before

Thanks for your feedback! This is the first step to allow us to really build upon what we have so appreciate the time to comment.

The main reason for the breakdown moving to its own segment is that this will allow us to add a lot more insight going forward so everyone can breakdown their savings a lot more in the future.

We understand goals isnโ€™t working as well as it should at the moment and we are going to re-vamp this whole section once we have our new few big releases out (which will offer everyone a load of value and ways to make their savings earn more).

Thanks again!