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Why isn’t Chip listed on ?

Chip’s competitors are

I believe this is because Chip uses Truelayer to utilise Open Banking. That is why, when you look at who you have authorised to access your account via your bank’s website, you see Truelayer listed and not Chip.

Truelayer is shown on the site:

I do think this is one of the parts of the sign-up process that is slightly offputting as when you go through the authorisation procedure in the Chip app, the app suddenly starts referring to this Truelayer company that, as a user, you aren’t really aware is linked to Chip.

I don’t remember if there is an explanation of the relationship before the authorisation process happens.


Other apps/services that use a partner to facilitate connections are listed.

For example, Plum also uses Truelayer. Moneybox uses Yodlee. Both are listed.

It does say here ( - step 2) it is optional to sign up to the directory, so possibly Chip has chosen not to?


If they’ve chosen not to I guess the question becomes, why not?

Apart from Chip every app I’ve tried or heard of that uses open banking seems to be on there: Emma, Money Dashboard, MoneyHub, Moneybox, Plum, Snoop, Yolt, Youtility. Seems like a good shop window for apps that use open banking and also potentially helps assure users of Chips credibility as a regulated provider (whilst Chip is on the FCA website, the FCA website is not very consumer friendly). Seems a bit odd to me if Chip have deliberately chosen not to be part of the site.

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Yeah, I don’t know why they’re not there - maybe a Chip staff member can address this next week. @KrishChip perhaps.


Hi all, looking into this for you now!