Chip App down today?

Hi. Seem to have been logged out this afternoon and now it won’t let me back in despite me inputting the code I get sent via text?

Just me or a general issue?

Hey Rob, were you on a testflight or a beta build?

No the normal one. Tried 6 times in the last 30 mins and it won’t let me in….

Hey Rob, really appreciate you notifying us about this, our engineers are on it right now, you really helped us out here!!

This is also happening to me.

Me to asking alot of details from me, need access to funds for new car

@lewisb Hey Lewis and Drew, we are experiencing technical difficulty, your money is safe, it’s just a front end issue, we expect this to be resolved shortly. I’ll update you as soon as it’s fixed.

Ok great, thanks for the update.

Working now cheers Fred

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Hi All, Chip is back up and running again! Sorry for the stress.