Chip app problems

Having problems with my chip app.
Firstly it stopped taking automatic withdrawls from my bank account, now, its disconected my bank account and is telling me the app needs updating, although I cant find an update.
What on earth is going on?
Should I be worried about the saftey of my savings?

I can’t make a manual save message saying internal error managed to withdraw all ok. Does always seem to be something with chip and the app not working as it should.

Probably not, but you might be more concerned about the ongoing inability to solve permanently the most basic flaws in the software. Fair enough when you have teething troubles but these kind of problems have become perennial.

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Wonder if there are others who are suffering from the same issues (but are unaware).

And as if by magic, without any visable app updates, its allowed me to re-add my bank account.
All very strange.

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My wife is having problems reconnecting her tesco bank account since the update on the app. Can anyone from chip help?

Thats the message I was getting earlier today, then it cured itself magicly this afternoon.

I just tried again now and the app deleted the bank altogether, and I’m getting error when trying to add it again. No idea how to resolve it.

I too am having the same issue.

On “profile” page it has deleted my linked bank account and I can’t press anything on that screen. Have tried a reinstall.

At the bottom it says “Something went wrong - Try Again”

Any idea how to fix it?

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Yeah, that’s the same problem she’s having. I can’t believe no one from chip has said anything about it yet here or on social media. Quite disappointing really.

So no-one from chip is coming to give us a light then? What’s going on? You guys used to be so active on the forum and now everyone disappeared?
My wife still having problems and she has sent emails but no help so far!

Please can someone help out?

Even though my bank account is now linked to chip, Im still not getting automatic investments.
Does anyone from chip monitor this board or not?

Chip guys, clearly some people are having problems with the app and you guys seem to have disappeared from the forum. Can someone at least say something to us that you are at least looking into it? It has been over a week that we heard from someone from chip (apart from you guys wanting stories). Please at least give us something, very disappointed.

Hi @Brunobogo10,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app, live chat within the app is the best place to get issues with your account resolved and raise any questions regarding your bank connection.

As far as activity on the forum, the team has been without a community manager the past couple of months but that should pick up now! Sorry that this wasn’t spotted & responded to sooner.

Well just an update from my wife, she received an email from chip saying that they no longer support tesco bank, so if anyone uses them that’s why they can’t connect the account! :pensive: