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Hi … I’ve read certain posts about auto saves … I haven’t had an autosave for probably 6 weeks, and yet I am able to make manual saves daily and they don’t have to be after 24 hours from the previous save. What’s the latest update please and is this a common issue? thank you Garby.

Hi Garby! Can you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

I am having the exact same issue. I have the latest version of the APP I have updated it, then uninstalled it, reinstalled it and yet still no auto-saves for 5 weeks or more.

Manual saves work instantly.

It is very frustrating when one reads about all the new development within the company yet the basics still don’t work after 5 weeks of waiting.

I invested £2500 into CHIP as I really like the concept but when advancements are put before basics I find it very frustrating indeed.

Sorry to sound a little off but I have been promised time after time this will be resolved and still nobody has corrected the issue.

I think there are a number of basic issues with the app.

No automatic saves
Accrued interest doesn’t always update on Mondays as it should
Now no way to see how much interest I should be earning.

What is now frustrating is when I have in the past emailed it done live chat with Chip, I get the usual response “our developers are aware of the issue and are working to fix it” but there never seems to be a fix. As an investor I want this to work but if I wasn’t I would have left by now and if I feel that was I suspect there will be many more people that feel the same.

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Hi Sarah … I’ve uninstalled and reinstated the app. I’ve been asked to sign in and give my mobile number … I’ve tried 4 times now and no code is sent to my mobile so I can’t be verified.

I’m an investor too and find these basic issues a big concern. You will start losing customers at a fast rate if these issues keep occurring randomly to different customers at different times. Pls resolve asap … I can’t believe it is that difficult to do. TY Garby

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If the basics of Chip don’t work, ie the auto saves then a lot of people will leave as the whole point of the app is to squirrel away small amounts of money you don’t miss. This is the basis on which I have recommended this app to others, the other functionality options are pointless without the basics.

Is it possible to have daily Autosaves?

Hi Anj… I haven’t had an autosave for weeks. I’m waiting on Chip to sort this out. My understanding is that you can have 6 manual saves of max £100 for 6 days each month … the save can’t be before 24 hrs from the previous save.
I enjoy using Chip and find it an easy app … I’m also an investor so I am hoping for big developments from Chip.

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Having the exact same issue.

Having no access to my money sitting there certainly is a bit of a worry.

Has the code come through to you yet?

In regards to those of you not getting autosaves, are you on iOS or Android? There is a known bug affecting a small number of Android users which is being worked on. I’ve just asked for an update on that.

Hi SarahChip … I now have access to my account, and auto saves have started again.
TY and the team for resolving this. Garby52

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That’s great to hear; thanks for letting me know! :raised_hands:


Goes and makes use of multiple daily saves

Autosaves not working since last month. Should I reinstall or wait for the Android issue you mentioned to be resolved?

If you could try reinstalling, that would be great! Also, if you jump onto livechat, it may be that your account just needs a quick refresh from our end to get everything working for you!

I still haven’t had auto saves for several weeks. I am running 2.2 on iOS.

I am an investor. This is really letting the app and the whole reason behind this down.

Please sort ASAP

Hi … I mailed Sarah and it was sorted within 24 hours. I gave her model and type of mobile. Hopefully she’ll help you too!

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Hi Bob! Have you tried reinstalling the app?

That’s fixing autosaves for most people, but if it doesn’t work for you then please pop onto live chat as your account may just need a quick refresh from our end!

Chip normally makes weekly saves for me of about £95 to £100, but didn’t make any saves this month until today when it autosaved £375 - this isn’t a problem, but I wonder about the change. Was it related to my Debit card being changed and this subsequently prevented saves until I updated my card this morning. I thought this was used for manual saves only as Chip already had bank connection

Hi Mike! All saves are now ‘paid for’ by your debit card. They used to be funded by a direct debit but this caused some issues and was quite slow, so a debit card payment is more reliable and faster.

The bank connection is just there so that Chip can ‘see’ your account and give you a more personalised save:

It sounds like updating your bank card possibly gave your account the ‘refresh’ it needed to get you saving again. :slight_smile: